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Mobile conversations often start with “let’s build an app.” Or “should we have a mobile or tablet version of or website?” Instead, these decisions should only be undertaken once a clear online marketing strategy is in place.  Why? Because mobile is becoming so important as a growing number of online connections only use mobile (over 50% in Spring 2016).

Mobile marketing is a tactic, not a solus online marketing strategy

Online marketers who want to evolve their mobile services must focus first on their online marketing strategy and then tactically on how to use mobile in achieving those goals.

Mobile services must be planned, even in small business marketing

Currently online marketers are spending their mobile budgets on applications and websites. High spend levels demand implementations that lead customers to relevant information in a quick, easy way. Lower-cost technologies (e.g., messaging) need the same attention level.

Mobile marketing success will hinge on delivering convenient experiences

Customers will only adopt and use new products or services that are more convenient than those currently. Beyond offering immediacy, online marketers must think about how to use mobile technologies to simplify tasks for customers, whether they are making a purchase or a B2B offer.

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