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HubSpot_3_LogoHubSpot allows Optimax to give you a range of analytical tools for small business marketing to see how you are getting on and how to improve.


How do your leads and customers discover your site? HubSpot Sources, a first-touch analytics report shows you exactly which channels brought in your traffic, leads and customers for the first time so you know which channels are worth the investment for seo services.

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 Calculate the ROI of social media and other channels

Your prospects may be influenced by social media early on in their research for an online marketing company, but returning later to convert through other channels. This can make it difficult to measure the true impact of social media on your bottom line, and often leaves it undervalued.

Sources solves this problem by showing you how many customers and leads first came in through social media, making it easy for you to show how important social media is to your marketing efforts.

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Channels that are best at bringing in leads and customers.

Need to know which online and offline channels are connecting you with your best leads and customers? Sources puts valuable insights in a clean, organised interface that is both powerful and easy to understand.

Thanks to its close integration to HubSpot’s Contacts database and your CRM system, Sources provides an in-depth look into both the volume and the quality of your leads where other systems give you only a number.

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Compare organic and paid search

Search (seo services) is a powerful channel that can represent a huge opportunity or a large cost. Sources makes it easy to separate your best keywords from all the noise in both organic and paid search. Easily carry out reporting, identify opportunities and inefficiencies, and dig deep on individual keywords all from one interface.

Because Sources relies on first touch attribution, credit is given where credit is due - to the keywords and campaigns that first introduced your most valuable visitors to your business.


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