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Key SEO Elements

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a moveable feast and changes constantly. One part of our role is as a SEO Marketing Agency so -

Q. Where does one begin?

A. With your keywords

Choosing the right long tail keywords is the first step on your SEO journey so choose wisely with the help of Optimax, we can use our automated grader to find the best series of keywords to go for.

An SEO marketing agency specialist needs to adapt to the changes from the search engines quickly in order to ensure their clients maintain their visibility online.

A summary of the key SEO services offered to you are as follows;

Onsite SEO

This covers technical, site-wide issues such as site architecture, navigation, accessibility issues, meta descriptions, HTML / CSS templates, programming languages, Robots.txt protocol suggestions and off-page issues such as redirects and XML options.

Onpage SEO

Unique, relevant, authoritative content is the main key to Search Engine success. Having a great Content Marketing strategy is essential today.  However, content alone does not provide great search engine traffic. Internal SEO also includes issues such as keyword relevancy, keyword density, internal keyword navigation and use of keywords in <meta>, <title> and <hx> tags.

The overall structure of your site and it’s internal linking structure in particular is a key point recently highlighted by Google.

With regards to "Signals of Quality", Google likes to see unique, authoritative content that is optimised for your keywords and sets your site apart from the next and, over time, creates authority and uniqeness.

External SEO

External SEO is no longer just about "how many links". It is about being recognised and referenced by other authoritative sites. For example if the BBC mentions Optimax but doesn't link to, it is still a good signal of quality and can increase brand awareness online.

External SEO also includes factors such as social media optimisation (SMO), online press releases and articles to promote your business online and most impotantly Blogging.

We are not a specialist SEO marketing Agency as we believe that SEO services are only one part of a successful marketing strategy for SMEs. So follow the story of how to improve your online ROI by moving to "BLOGGING"


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