What Content Marketing Trends to watch out for

Posted by frank harris on 01/03/16 08:34

online_marketing_specialist.jpgOnline marketing is still evolving. As Google, Facebook, etc. update their algorithms; online marketing trends will still shift. However, providing high quality and original content should be the core of every online marketing strategy.


Check out these 5 trends for 2016.

  1. Real Time Marketing

Social media moves fast. Real time marketing matches the fast pace of social media with the even faster pace of events in real life and you need to keep up to date with what’s happening in your industry and then respond via social, blogs and other content marketing platforms.

  1. Partnering with Influencers

Internet communities have given rise to the social media celebrity. This social media influencer has a strong following of engaged users in a particular niche. Brands who choose to partner with a social media influencer will receive interactions from users who are far more engaged on social media, than say fans of a “celebrity”. These social media influencers have become so popular as they are good at drawing people into their own personal world and keeping them close. Working with influencers is a marketing trend that will generate highly engaged followers.

  1. Focus on Instagram

Facebook’s algorithm is making it increasingly difficult to organically build a following through the network and brands are starting to become aware that they don’t need to rely solely on Facebook for online marketing.

Instagram for example, is now a favourite social network among brands for content marketing. One reason is because Instagram photos show up on feeds not based on popularity, but based on pure timing. It’s much easier to control who will see your message on Instagram as opposed to Facebook.


Instead of spending money on Facebook advertising, use Instagram to broadcast to your audience exactly who your brand is!

  1. Content Marketing IS King

Creating and sharing high quality original content still is one of the best online marketing strategies you can adopt. If the content is entertaining enough and connects with your audience, your content will generate shares and gain virality. And that is something you cannot pay for!


If you can properly align your product with your personas’ key interests through high quality content creation, you will gain a more devoted fan base than you could have previously imagined!

  1. User Generated Content

One of the most unique, rewarding and effective forms of marketing is to take advantage of the era of the smartphone. Your own fans and audience is your best content creators.


Developing a campaign that creatively involves your fans’ content can do great things if executed correctly. Use user generated content to share directly to your social media channels.


The best marketing strategies are the ones that seek to create and share valuable content. Whether it be content the brand is creating, its fans are creating, an influencer is creating, or whatever, give audiences on social media something to tweet about!


To understand more about how content marketing can help your business just follow the link below:-


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