6 Tactics to Drive more Links for your Online Marketing

Posted by frank harris on 26/02/19 16:39

link building-1Secure links for clients and increase rankings, traffic and leads are important in online marketing. Here are 6 ideas for you to consider.

  1. Develop Reusable Content Campaigns

Thinking about content-led link building campaigns is much like advertising or traditional PR campaigns - you run a campaign for a period, get as much as you can from it, then move onto the next one. This can work fine but isn’t very efficient when it comes to budgets and resources because you often must start design and development from scratch.


Instead, think of content campaigns that can be reused and revamped repeatedly.  Being able to reuse existing content allows you to relaunch very quickly and easily compared to a brand-new build and design.

  1. Learn what Works across Industries

Learn from campaigns and feed those learnings into other projects. If something works well, it may work for another industry and you need to look for these opportunities.


Over the last year or so, I’ve been doing this and did an exercise where I mapped out the success of client content campaigns against the complexity of creating them. This gave me something that looked like this:




Each dot represents a content campaign. I then saw patterns emerging that were successful and not complex to create. This success allowed us to do campaigns without being overly complex.


If you’re not doing this yet, the best place to start is simply to start recording data against all of your content campaigns such as:

  • The number of links, no follow links and brand mentions generated
  • Date of launch
  • What type of execution you chose
  • If data was used or not

The list will differ for everyone, but the first step is to start recording this data and then start learning from it over time.

  1. Target Golden Publications for an Exclusive Feature

 “What are your top 10 dream publications to be featured in?”


This offers you a very targeted list of sites where, if you can get featured, will get more traffic.


Then choose from the list and offer a single publication an exclusive when you begin your outreach. The idea is to find a journalist who values your idea or data highly enough to want to be the first person to write about it online and share it with their readership.


This works particularly well if you have a unique or different data set. The time between publishing the data story and other publications doesn’t need to be that long – 24 to 48 hours can often be enough for a journalist to be happy that they’ve got it first.


There are a few benefits to this approach:

  1. You can almost guarantee a “big hit” right at the start of the campaign which relieves some of the pressure on your when you start your outreach.
  2. If you can secure an exclusive with a large newspaper, it can lead to lots of other newspapers/magazines following suit, covering the content without you asking.
  3. You can slowly but surely start ticking off your dream list of publications

      4. Outreach to 2nd-tier Linking Websites

One of the core goals of a content-driven link building campaign is to secure links from high authority domains which can then pass that authority (and traffic) to your website. The downside of this is that the high visibility and credibility of these domains means that they can often be credited as the original source of the story. Whereas, you are the original source.


This can lead to links pointing at third party websites rather than your own which is very annoying!

    5. Use Keyword Research for more Links

This is more of a passive link building technique but the time spent is pretty minimal and has a few benefits.


The idea is to see if your content relates to keywords which have volume. If it does, then integrate the keywords into the piece and potentially get traffic by ranking well for them. The core goal is rarely to rank well, it is usually to secure links, but the benefits of direct traffic are obvious and shouldn’t be overlooked.

So where does link building come in?


If you are working on a content piece that is data-led, you have an opportunity to get in front of people who are trying to find this data. Amongst those people will be journalists, writers and bloggers to name a few.

By thinking about this, you’re giving your content a chance to generate links that you didn’t ask for.

      6. Overcoming Link Building Blockers

Driving more links to your content isn’t just about your own actions, it’s about the actions of others too. Sometimes, their activity can get in the way of yours and you secure fewer links.


One of the most common blockers is when you have either an agency working on their website or their own internal team. This can present challenges because you want to sync up activity and not over saturate contacts or worse still, both target journalists at the same time.


A way to overcome this is to share your outreach plans with the internal team and agree on who owns which contacts or publications. This helps to create clear boundaries and reduces the risk of something going wrong, especially under GDPR.


Another tactic is to share your plan for content campaigns as far in advance as possible, then add any other campaigns so you can quickly highlight times when work crosses over. This means when you launch campaigns, you’re less likely to hit blockers because you’ll have overcome them already.


For more tips on increasing traffic to your website using online marketing techniques, click on the  link below>>>


A Guide to B2B Website Marketing  for Small Businesses


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How to get New Business via Online Marketing

Posted by frank harris on 03/03/17 15:05

new online business.jpgNo matter how well established your business may be, online marketing in 2017 can help you generate new leads to create new sales.


Canny marketers now have access to virtually unlimited amounts of real time customer data.


However, this information is useless if it is not properly analysed and the findings applied to refining the lead generation process via online marketing. And with new contacts demanding ever-faster responses, particularly from social media marketing channels, your sales and marketing teams need to have access to tools that will simplify and accelerate the sales pipeline process.


So how do you go about refining the online marketing process to make it as effective as possible?


Before you go any further, it is essential to understand that there are no miracle solutions to building the perfect new business generation engine. Software will help lighten the load, increase automation to make your life easier and smooth the path to greater understanding of your clients, but the underlying processes are what makes the tool work.


The (potential) customer - everything you do has to be with the intention of serving their needs.


With these key details nailed down, it becomes much easier to begin the process of re-engineering

processes to improve new business generation.


There are two fundamental tenets to successful new business generation:


  1. Collecting data at every touchpoint to help refine and drive the automation process and to help convert leads into paying customers.
  2. With those principles understood, you can then move on to building a framework to deliver those goals.

The whitepaper that you can obtain from the link below, further goes on to give you 9 Tips on how to achieve your goals:

  • Get Internal Consensus
  • Build New Processes
  • Build in Automation
  • Keeping it Clean so you can Use what you’ve Got.
  • Plan for the Long Term
  • Use What you’ve Got
  • Go Mobile
  • Test and Refine
  • Master new Business Generation Techniques

To get your FREE copy of the whitepaper just follow the link below:


online marketing



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15 Ideas to Grow with Small Business Online Marketing in 2017

Posted by frank harris on 03/01/17 08:45

small business marketing 2017.pngUntil recently, most small and medium-sized businesses could survive - and, in some circumstances, thrive - without ­investing much time or money into marketing. A typical small business owner might place a few newspaper ads, attend some trade shows, or send direct mail with coupons or discounts to incentivise new business.


Tactics like email marketing, social networking, search engine optimisation, and large-scale public relations, however, were left to the big boys with the big budgets.

Today, thanks to the Internet, social media, and online marketing software, the marketing game has changed for businesses of all sizes. Smaller businesses need to go beyond a single-channel marketing strategy.


With 1+ billion Facebook users worldwide and social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn continually gaining traction, customers and prospects of almost any business can be cost-effectively accessed and engaged online. According to Nielsen’s State of the Media Report, social networks and blogs reach nearly 80% of active Internet users today, a population that exceeds 250 million people.

Your customers, prospects, and influencers are more accessible than ever.

If you’re not doing anything to interact with and influence them, you’re missing a huge opportunity to grow your business.


There is no need to abandon tried-and-true marketing tactics like word-of-mouth, referral marketing, and couponing. In fact, you now have modern channels like social networks, influencer engagement, online PR, and email marketing to drive them and multiply their effectiveness.


Growing your business with online marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. As the eBook hat you can obtain from the link at the end of this article FREE shows, the right technology and a little knowhow can transform you into a marketing pro, without killing your budget or hurting your other day-to-day business goals.


The eBook will help you apply 15 modern ­marketing and PR tactics to engage your key customers and the people who influence them. Each tactic will include the best practices, tips, and knowhow you need to create positive buzz in your marketplace and drive new business to your front door:


The tactics include but are not only:

  • Build Online Influence Through Creative Social Marketing
  • Learn More About Your Market with Monitoring
  • Find Your Most Likely Customers Online
  • Make Headlines with a News Release
  • Stay Top of Mind (Without Annoying Your Customers)
  • Be Influential in an Inbox
  • Improve Your Effectiveness by Measuring Results
  • Attract Customers with Content Marketing
  • Marketing has changed.

In today’s digital buying cycle, customers engage with businesses first. Their decisions are shaped by recommendations on Facebook and Twitter, the information they find on Google, and the news and reviews they read online - all before a business engages with them.


Reaching them with the right message, in the right place at the right time can be time consuming and expensive. However, there are tools that help you do digital marketing. Better.


So to be ready for what 2017 brings download this eBook from the link below:


Small Business Online Marketing



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