How to Build and Operate a Content Marketing Programme

Posted by frank harris on 11/12/14 13:05

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The marketing world has been turned upside down. It was not many years ago that marketers were still focused on interruption marketing: trying to place their product message in front of prospects’ attention to generate leads and customers. But through the Internet, this has quickly changed, and marketers recognise they must practice the opposite.


Now, in order to create the relationship and earn the permission to sell to prospects, companies must produce relevant thought leadership content, not only content about their own product.


The critical ingredient to creating engagement, trust, and thought leadership positioning is content.  Content is what attracts prospects at the top of the funnel and content is what nurtures leads down the sales funnel.


Marketers now understand that brands must become publishers. The “why” of using content in b2b website marketing is no longer in question. But marketers are still asking “how?” How can marketing departments generate the high quality and quantity of content necessary to succeed in the new marketing era?


This FREE eBook that you can obtain from the link below, will explain how marketers can build and operate a Content Marketing Programme that outputs compelling, relevant content that attracts leads at the top of the funnel and leads them down it. The eBook outlines a framework developed by Kapost, the leading provider of content marketing software.

The areas it covers are:-

  • The Plan
  • The Team
  • Ideas
  • Production & Distribution
  • Audience Development
  • Conversion & Nurturing

 How to Build and Operate a  Content Marketing Programme

Advertising vs Content


Today's marketing is fundamentally different than traditional marketing, i.e. advertising. In advertising the marketer rents the attention of someone else’s audience: the marketer pays the media to be able to put the marketer’s message in front of the media’s audience. Despite the problems of advertising, renting has immediate results because the media already has an audience.


Content Marketing takes longer, particularly because when you start you have no audience! But don’t be deterred! Just like the difference between buying and renting a house, with today's marketing, you are building equity as your build your audience.


Over time, your audience becomes an incredible asset: a perpetual source of leads and new customers at an extremely low cost relative to traditional marketing. You can continue to turn to that audience for new leads, but do not have to “pay the rent” every time, making content marketing leads extremely cost effective.


So go build your Content Marketing Programme! Its benefits take time, but it will fill the top of your funnel and drive prospects down it with more success and less expense than any marketing strategy you have ever used.


In case you missed the link, here it is again:-


How to Build and Operate a  Content Marketing Programme


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