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Posted by frank harris on 06/02/14 08:44

blog-ideas-in-small-business-marketingOne of the most common obstacles to blogging is the feeling that you haven’t got anything to write about.

This prevents new bloggers from getting into the habit, and prevents more seasoned bloggers from keeping it going.

You want to write, but you need something to write about; what’s your subject going to be? 

This isn’t just a matter of creativity either.

I’ve heard this problem from many people far more creative than I am, so there is definitely something else involved here that goes deeper than just idea generation

Here are some tips and techniques I use to help prevent that well of ideas from running dry, and hopefully some of them will be enough to keep you blogging with the full enthusiasm you need to keep the habit going week after week. 

Find inspiration in your daily experiences

Most of us come up against small business marketing challenges every week, many of which could easily translate into an interesting blog post. 

There will be many instances where you discover something which you’re not familiar with that will fuel an excellent blog post. But it isn’t just challenges that are great inspiration - those things you do on a routine basis can also make for excellent reads. You’re likely using a method that you’ve refined over time, a method that other people would be grateful to find out about too! 

Accept that not every blog idea is unique

How many times have you not run with an small business marketing idea because you were worried hundreds of people got there before you? But that doesn’t matter. What does is what you do with the idea.

You will often have your own unique spin on a story or idea, so that even though you are writing about a topic somebody has written about already, the result will be different because it is you that wrote it.

And you can transform other people’s content into something original. Find an article that you really enjoyed reading and think about how you could re-purpose it into something new.

I recently read a blog post on Econsultancy by Matt Owen, called “How to keep making content...forever”, in which Matt talks about overcoming writer’s block. This inspired me to return to that headline and turn it into a blog post, putting my own spin on the subject.

By using this very simple technique of re-imagining someone else’s content, you’ll find yourself with an almost endless gold mine of potential topics. But ensure you don’t rip off other people’s work.  

When you're not writing, you should be reading

It is important for any small business marketer to read. Reading other people’s content is one of my chief sources of inspiration for writing new posts. By frequently reading what else is being published online, you will:-

  • Keep up with recent trends and events that are important in your industry.

  • Learn from the way other people write, and use their writing to influence your own.

  • Expand your knowledge and understanding, giving you more possible subjects to write about.

  • Discover gaps in areas where there should have been a blog post written.

So, what should you be reading? First, don’t neglect reading books. These may be printed or digital editions, but I’ve learned so much about the craft of digital marketing by reading books - as much as, if not more than I have from reading online.

While I can’t advise you on what you should be reading in your particular niche, I can suggest a few digital marketing resources for ideas.

  • Twitter. One of the best. If you’re following people whose opinion you value, every day you’ll be receiving a torrent of blog shares, many of which will be excellent reads. 

  • Safari Books is a subscription service that gives you access to thousands of digital editions of books, with topics being mostly business, technology, software, and web.

  • is a place where users can submit their favourite inbound marketing posts, where editorial control on what content gets most prominence is the responsibility of the users themselves.

Write frequently, and even when you don’t want to

To get better at blogging, you need to practice. And if you’re really serious about blogging, you need to practice even when you don’t feel like it. Because by writing in non-ideal conditions, you learn how to better get through the difficulties you’re having, and become a better writer for it. 

But let’s return to writer’s block.

You might think that writing frequently diminishes your bank of ideas and you’re going to find yourself in the position where you can’t think of anything to write about. But what you gain from writing frequently vastly outweighs the usage of ideas you keep stored away. 

You learn how to create an idea from nothing. You learn how to make a blog post work, even after you’ve written a paragraph and feel like it’s going nowhere.

And the more you write, and publish in front of large audiences, the greater your confidence. By making writing a habit, it’ll become second nature to you. And the ideas will come.  

But why should you blog?  Well read the content from the link below to find out why:-  

How to use Blogging in Small Business Marketing

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