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Posted by frank harris on 23/01/13 09:45

keywords-in-small-business-marketingRight now I want you to think of a number.  I want you to tell me how many times, out of 1,000 average searches, Google comes across a search request that it has never seen before.  Remember your number; we’ll come back to it shortly.

When choosing keywords to get more traffic, whether they are for a blog or social media posts many people simply look for the highest volume keywords available then target those words.  That is a mistake!  I’m going to look at why that is a mistake and give some good keyword advice that will improve small business search engine optimisation marketing efforts.

Think about this.  In 2010 there were over 20 million new websites added.  That was three years ago, and the pace has picked up.  Of those sites, a portion will be competing in your niche.  How many of those sites, and their digital marketing agencies, are going to target the top general traffic terms with regards to search volume?  How many sites are already firmly entrenched in their rankings for those terms by their seo marketing agency?

I am not saying that you cannot compete with these sites, nor am I saying you should not ever target the high volume, high competition keywords in internet marketing for small business. As a digital marketing consultant, I do it constantly! What I am saying is that with a little more thought and research you can have much, much less competition.  Here’s some interesting information straight from Google:

Every day Google answers more than one billion questions from people around the globe in 181 countries and 146 languages. 15% of the searches we see every day we’ve never seen before. 

So 15% of all searches they’ve never seen before.  Never!  This is Google I’m talking about, and every single day almost one out of every five searches performed has never been performed before.  Remember that number I asked you to think of at the start of this post?  15% of 1,000 searches are 150, so 150 searches out of every 1,000 that Google sees, it has never seen before.

Taking this one step further, you can calculate that a little more than half of all search volume for a particular topic comes from long tail keyword searches.  These are searches that have 5 or more words.  So if your niche is ‘widgets’, a long tail keyword may be ‘shiny red waterproof mobile widget’.

So between phrases Google has never seen before and these long tail keyword phrases of 5 or more words you have a large portion of the total search volume.  That’s a lot.  Not only is it a lot of volume, but it is a lot of volume that not many websites are targeting.  Do you see where I am going with this?

Depending on your niche, with the amount of time that you spend working to get rankings for the top traffic keywords, which everyone is competing for, you can get rankings for many lower traffic keywords.  An added bonus to this is that the long tail keywords are going to give you much more targeted traffic.  The more descriptions you add to something, the more specific you can be.

By thinking about what your targeted users will type in to find what you have to offer them, you can actually increase your conversions and sales from your business marketing packages.  Let’s go back to our widget example.  Which visitor is more likely going to be ready to buy something, the user searching for ‘widgets’ or the user searching for ‘shiny red waterproof mobile widget’ or even ‘best place to buy shiny red widgets online’.

With this type of keyword selection, we are much more focused on attracting traffic that will convert rather than just attracting more traffic.  The fact that there is less competition to attract better traffic seems counter intuitive, but with the way most people choose their keywords, this is true nonetheless.

Hopefully this post has got you thinking about your keywords.  If you take this keyword advice for small business SEO marketing and implement it, you will likely be pleasantly surprised!

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