4 ways Small Business Marketing Can Generate Sales on LinkedIn

Posted by frank harris on 28/11/12 09:29

linkedin-in-small-business-marketingMaking LinkedIn generate more leads for your business is all about how you think about what you already know works and getting prospects off of social media.

Contrary to what "the experts" say, knowing how to set up an engaging LinkedIn group or attractive profile is not the end game of an internet marketing business. Nor is finding crafty ways to mention your blogs, webinars or new product releases within LinkedIn Groups going to create sales.

The key to success is actually rooted in creative thinking about what you already know works and getting your persona off of social media.

1.    Create Content That Provokes

Decide to go after a niche market, e.g. "SMEs who need help making social media sell for their local business". The objective is to create leads for an ebook - relationships that could be nurtured into sales. The strategy is to get people already engaged in discussions relevant to the product or service to actually leave LinkedIn to visit your site.

Here's your first internet marketing tip. Create content that will attract your target market. Then maybe interview an expert who had something truly different to say about how successful your target persona is using social media to create leads and sales. What the expert says must be contrary, valuable, provocative and actionable. This part is key.

2.    Locate Qualified Discussions

Next, publish some stories and audio interviews on your site featuring a guest discussing how successful internet marketing businesses are using social media to create leads and sales. He shouldn't talk about how they should be using Twitter, Facebook, blogs and such. Instead, he should speak on how they are and gave readers/listeners the chance to learn how they can do the same.

Then carefully join related LinkedIn groups, taking care to ensure you are clear about your intent to join i.e. something valuable to share -actionable insights on a topic that is of current interest to group members.

Join and wait. Then spot a discussion in an industry group where you can answer a question in a way that demonstrates specific valuable answers your guest expert is offering.

3.    Tease Prospects Into Action

The biggest mistake most of us make when promoting content within a LinkedIn Group is sharing a link back to what we've published. If you stop sharing links and say less the more people do what you want them to do (visit your site and become a lead).

Ultimately you want to get prospects off of social media (and onto a lead-nurturing system) but how you get them to move is critical.

Try and get prospects to email you through LinkedIn to connect, become a lead or buy a product on-the-spot.

The key is how you are teasing your persona into taking action on something they already want to act on. Again, "less is more" is not a new concept but it does work.

4.    Be Provocative to Get Sales

Provoke your persona into contacting you. Why not leverage LinkedIn Groups in a way that tempts group members to email you for more details or click over to your profile and then onward to your blog to acquire knowledge?

You will have to trust that this will work but try. Follow a simple, practical system:

  • Create valuable content (answers to burning questions)

  • Monitor for people who have a need for it (in LinkedIn Groups)

  • Reveal answers in ways that create desires for more of what you have to share (provoked interaction)

Don’t merely "tell a story" or "provide valuable content" or educate your persona. That's social media guru drivel. Ethically bribe your prospects into taking action on something that they want to take action on to begin with. Then gave them satisfaction - useful, actionable answers to burning questions and insights they had not heard before.

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