5 Steps To Write A Great Blog Post for Small Business Marketing

Posted by frank harris on 09/10/12 09:56

seo-servicesAs Google changes its algorithms many times in a year, it takes time for us mortals to understand what is needed to get the rankings for our chosen keywords and hence the visitors to our websites. To get more traffic is the holy grail at the top of the funnel.  The more the traffic, the more the leads you get and so on down that sales funnel.

For 2012 one important arm of getting that extra traffic in small business seo is the blog. How often should you blog? What should you say? What time of day should it go out?  All these and other questions are being answered as our knowledge from statistical evidence mounts.

The Blog can be used for many things – to tell a story of your life in instalments; to comment on political, historical scientific matters etc. However, here I am talking about the blog for use in small business seo.  What is needed to get more traffic to your site so that you have a greater chance of getting more business. So here are my 5 steps to a great business blog:-

The KISS method  When you’re learning how to write a blog post, remember that a blog isn’t a novel.  By the way remember it’s not even an article.  It’s a short, concise piece that your reader can read in five minutes or less.  Since your blog is an on-going series, it’s much better to have one concept or idea per blog than to cram everything in at once.  ”Keep It Short and Simple.”

Don’t preach  Most people don’t enjoy being preached and lectured to.  They want to be informed and entertained.  So when you’re learning how to write a blog post, remember that if someone feels that you’re trying to lecture, that’s the last blog you write that they will probably readand so your objective of improving your small business seo is defeated in one easy step.

Humour  Let’s face it, people enjoy a good laugh.  Something that makes them smile.  When you’re learning how to write a blog post, it’s ok to interject your own personality and sense of humour into the mix.  In fact, when people feel that they have begun to know you, they form a bond which makes them return to your blog.

Frequency  Now that you’ve learned how to write a blog post, it’s important to keep your blog updated.  You certainly don’t have to post daily (although some people do), however, as a blogger, you need to keep in touch with your readers. I would recommend that twice a week is sufficient to start with.

Keywords  If you’re writing to optimise your blog, make sure that you’ve used the appropriate keywords so the search engines can spider and pick up the subject matter.  This allows you to rank higher and pick up more readers.  In each blog post I write I tend to use 0.5-1.5% keyword density (not too much, not too little).

By keeping the above tips in mind, it’s quite easy to learn how to write a blog post.  Figure out your subject, sit down and just start writing. So there you have them.  Have I answered all your questions?  I hope not otherwise I would have nothing else to blog about in the future!

So blogging is a part of small business seo but what are the other parts and how do they work to get you the growth in traffic that you require in your small business marketing. One of the most popular of my whitepapers and eBooks over the past few months has addressed that question. If you haven’t received your copy of “An Introduction to Small Business Marketing” then just click the button below – it’s FREE.

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