To get more traffic still needs link building

Posted by frank harris on 11/01/12 09:48


Panda may haget more trafficve changed the way we look at SEO but article marketing is still one of the tried and tested ways to get more traffic and help to improve your rankings, but what makes an article that is going to be noticed and linked?

Like all things there is no one answer but in this blog let us look at one of the most important areas -  the title.

A great title will give you a better chance for your article:-


  • to get accepted by the article directories

  • to get found when people are searching for it

  • to get read

all of which contribute to more web traffic and in the long run, rankings.

So what you should think about when creating your article titles:

Ensure your title is the right length. Your title should be at least 2 words long, and generally should stay under 100 total characters.

Do not make your title promotional.  Do not mention your company, your site, your URL, yourself, etc. in the title. Use all this information for the resource box where it should remain.

Do not end your title with a full stop.  Ending with a question mark is acceptable, but never put a full stop at the end of your title.

Vary your titles.  Articles can be written about the same topic. However, you should vary the titles as much as possible.  This will aid you in casting a wider net and attract more readers rather than continuing to use the same title again and again.

So keep these rules in mind when writing your article titles and this will ensure that all your hard work is not wasted.  You will have have spent a lot of time in considering, writing and then submitting your article, ensure you get the most out of that time and effort.

Remember, the title draws people into reading the article. Your title needs to let those potential readers know what your article is about and also be interesting enough to make them want to read more.

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