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Posted by frank harris on 05/11/15 15:09

social_media_marketing_for_small_businessIt’s no brainer that businesses need to have an active B2B social media marketing presence for a variety of reasons.


However, for most brands, an active social media presence is somewhat of a misnomer. The lack of understanding at the small business owner’s end coupled with the serious lack of experiential knowledge at the agency’s end makes for good interesting ‘what-not-to-do’ case studies.


For most B2B companies, an active social media presence literally translates to creation of a company page on LinkedIn and a Twitter account, followed up by a weekly posting of company news.


While most of us involved in this area are avid social media junkies often posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Tweeting the most inane, when it comes becoming a brand junkie, they are noticeably silent in their aggressiveness.


This is largely to do with the lack of awareness of what an effective social media strategy can do for the brand in a B2B scenario. The top 3 benefits of being active in B2B social media marketing for your brand or business are:-


1. Generate business leads

2. Drive thought and industry leadership

3. Showcase company culturempulture


The eBook that you get via the link at the end of this blog, showcases how as a small business interested in B2B marketing, you could achieve all three with minimal investments and a good solid social media partner helping you.

Your social media mix

In B2B marketing, your social media constituents are business professionals themselves. The top four B2B oriented social media sites that you could consider for your business are LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. It is always best to start off with just one social media site and gradually increase your social media presence than stretching yourself thin trying to manage all.


Of course, this is not something that social media agencies would say. After all, the more sites one has to manage, the more one can charge the client! However, as a small business it is much better to be significantly present on one medium than be sub-optimal across many.


As an agency ourselves, we would strongly recommend using LinkedIn as the primary social media vehicle for those in B2B marketing. All other sites could be simply add-ons to the primary one and hence the eBook concentrates on this platform, and focuses on how to use this particular medium to the hilt to drive each of the three objectives.


However, the eBook does cover the following related topics as well:-

  • Content Creation
  • What kind of content to create?
  • Using content to drive Engagement
  • Content Promotion via Social Media
  • In-source or Out-source?

These areas will help you in constructing your B2B Marketing programmes.


B2B social media marketing can be a very powerful tool to build both company reputations as an industry thought leader as well as generate business leads. The key focus in building an effective B2B social media marketing initiative is understanding your audience needs and building an effective content plan that delivers on that need. Frequency, Intensity and Depth are the three important aspects of a good content plan. A good social media marketing agency should be able to help you achieve significant breakthroughs on your B2B social marketing.


To get the full story just click the link below:-


B2B Social Media Marketing eBook


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