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Autumn is on the way so why not re-evaluate the way you craft blog posts in order to attract and retain more readers. While a strong content writing strategy can help you achieve your goal of attracting more of your personas, relevant and well-written content is not going to be read if it is not accompanied by an effective and alluring title. Getting blog title ideas that really work can be difficult, but being a successful content writer often depends on developing this skill. Establishing blog title ideas starts with the steps outlined below.

Write a Working Title First

The title is best written once you have developed your idea into an actual post, but that doesn't mean that you can't start with a working title that will help guide your writing. Once you have written your content down, it is time to brainstorm blog title ideas that will transform your working title into an effective hook.

Use Actionable Words

Titles that simply state a fact about the content that readers will find by clicking on the link fail to provide the motivation for them to follow through. For example, a dry title for this post would be something along the line of "Writing Blog Post Titles." While the title would be accurate, what would motivate people to read it? A very specific demographic of people who need to know how to write blog post titles immediately may be inclined to click through, but those who need a bit of a push would likely skip over it. Highlighting the benefits of the post by hinting at the fact that you can increase your audience by reading this is a better way to improve the chances that the content will be read.

Keep It Relevant

While drawing in your audience with an alluring title is important, it is essential that your blog title ideas relate to the content that you have written. If you write titles that are extreme without relating to the content, you run the risk of losing readers who feel that they have fallen victim to a bait-and-switch. Writing an effective blog post title is all about meeting the expectations of your personas.

Limit the Characters

It may seem like you need a lot of room to say what you need to in the blog title, but anything over 70 characters can actually hurt the chances that readers will click on your post. Why is this? Google only displays 70 characters of the title in search engine results, so readers who are conducting an online search when they come across your post may not be getting the full picture.

Use Caution When Using Keywords

The inclusion of one keyword or phrase in your title is fine, but be careful not to overdo it. Some writers think that using a string of keywords will improve their search engine rankings because the post will be returned for each of the keywords. However, it is likely to be seen as keyword stuffing the title. Create blog title ideas that are based on just one keyword or phrase for the best results.


Being able to write amazing content is a valuable skill for content writers and online businesses alike, but failing to top these posts off with an interesting title could leave your content unread by the masses. Use the steps outlined above to improve the quality of your blog title ideas.


But first you must ensure that the title and content of your blog will appeal to your personas.  Who are they? To develop your personas in the new digital age I have produced a PowerPoint with a number of templates that will take you through the process required.  Just foillow the link below for your copy:


personas cta

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