5 Tips to Create Great Welcome B2B Marketing Campaigns

Posted by frank harris on 16/06/16 16:00

Welcome_B2B_email_marketing_campaigns.jpgA welcome email B2B marketing campaign is one of the best ways to start off on the right foot with a new lead. The best campaigns create compelling stories readers want to tune into. Not every campaign will leave your readers on the edge of their seats, but here are five solid ways to create a great welcome drip campaign.

1. Offer Real Value

Your readers have agreed to get mailings and updatesfrom you. So update them. Give them information that’s not highly visible on your website. Offer them tips that will make them the envy of their non-subscriber friends.


If you can, send them an email-only coupon code offering a discount. But whatever it is, make it count - make it worth forwarding.

2. Leverage Intimacy with Humour and Emotion

Your email subscribers are your inner circle. They represent a fraction of your total visitors and of everyone who knows about you via social media. Your welcome email campaign should make them feel they signed up for something special. It starts with valuable information but it’s also a matter of tone.


If your website is somewhat formal, your emails can be a bit more informal. No need to go crazy, but you’re writing to your friends. You’re addressing people who already believe in you and your product/service. So connect. Tell a joke, share a personal anecdote, include a fun customer success story.

3. Be Clear about your Timelines

A sense of continuity is important when crafting a story. Make it clear when your readers can expect the next episode in your welcome campaign. Better yet, offer a small taste of what’s to come - a little teaser.

4. Be Brief and Focused

Brevity is the soul of email. Oh, that’s not how the saying goes? Well, had Polonius been into email marketing, I’m sure he would agree.


Your readers have many other emails overfilling their inboxes. Yours is worth reading, because it offers real value - but it should also be quick and easy to digest. Keep each email in your welcome email campaign focused around a single message, and try to keep the word count as low as you can.

5. Listen

One of the things about email is that people can reply. Write from an address you’re monitoring. Invite their replies. This is a great opportunity to form real relationships.


What’s The Best Welcome Email Campaign You Ever Got?

Are there any other tips for writing a great welcome drip campaign? Was there some exceptional campaign you got and really liked? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Finally after the welcome campaign is over you still need to talk to your leads to nurture them and turn them into customers. Check out the eBook that you can obtain for FREE from the link below:-


7 Tips on B2B Email Marketing to Nurture Prospects

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