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The need for Quality Leads from Inbound Marketing Agency Cambridge UK

Posted by frank harris on Dec 20, 2011 10:03:00 AM


using inbound marketing to generate quality leads

Initially you are focused on gaining as many leads as possible to get more customers.

However, many experienced marketers have found that simply pouring leads into the top of the funnel doesn’t always filter down to real sales opportunities. In fact, many firms have learned that simply focusing on a high volume of leads can be inefficient for marketing and sales.

As part of this shift, over 78% of marketers recently researched are moving from broad outreach to a strategy of engaging qualified targets. For those progressive firms that have adopted this targeted approach, most have found that profiled, cultivated leads convert faster – often at substantially higher deal values.

As marketers shift their focus from quantity to quality, you must put more emphasis on enabling online interactive tools that can precisely target and engage the right prospects.

The tools and tactics used to sift through and turn suspects into high-conversion prospects is enabling this fundamental shift. A key feature of the change will be a concentration on fewer more profitable deals.

Marketers are on the front lines of this changeover. They are refining the media mix, selecting the most cost-effective forms of engagement –

  • targeted emails
  • content-rich webinars
  • optimised web site landing pages
  • video
  • social media

as well as  other methods with proven cost/benefit value – to capture and nurture leads to meet demanding new revenue expectations.

Optimax recognises that and is in partnership with HubSpot a fully integrated software tool that allows you to optimise and measure your lead nurturing needs.

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