B2B Branding as part of your Online Marketing Strategy

Posted by frank harris on Tue, Aug 28,2012

website marketing strategyWhy should B2B marketers be interested in branding, besides the logo, strapline and corporate identity issue? Is there more to B2B branding that initially meets the eye?

While no one can deny the value of big consumer brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Apple, people often contest the value of branding in the B2B world. Among the disbelievers are some B2B marketers who are most accustomed to living in a world governed by open rates, form submissions, and b2b lead generation, and are sometimes unsure of how to approach the seemingly intangible concept of “branding.” How does the value of a B2B brand extend beyond logos, straplines, and the corporate style guide? Are there unique ways that marketers can use their website marketing strategy to foster strong brands? Why does this matter? And what success metrics apply to branding when it comes to driving revenue for a company and should be used to measure the success or otherwise of their b2b marketing agency?

This eBook is designed to help B2B marketers:-

  1. understand branding’s impact on B2B sales

  2. develop a solid, online brand strategy

  3. measure the real business impact of their branding efforts in the B2B world

Our latest eBook looks at the above in relation to your overall website marketing strategy and covers the following topics:-

  • The shift from offline to online brand advertising     

  • There’s more to online advertising metrics than clicks     

  • Common Brand Advertising Metrics

  • Branding in the B2B world

  • Using B2B Brands to Strengthen the Path to Revenue

  • 6 Essential Tactics for Unlocking the Value of Your B2B Brand

Here's a sample of what you get:-

Branding in the B2B world

To understand branding’s value in the B2B space, think about the last purchase you made as a consumer. Maybe it was a bar of chocolate, a television, or a new car. While the decision to buy the chocolate bar may have been somewhat impulsive, the choices to purchase a certain television or car likely took a bit more time and preparation. In most cases, the buying process was longer because of the kind of investment you were making (i.e. large-ticket items that have long-term lifestyle effects).

Now think of the last purchase you made for your company. B2B purchases are almost never “chocolate bar” purchases, and for the same reason—they tend to be expensive and require long-term commitment from organisations to ensure their success. Furthermore, the typical B2B buying process is more complex, often involving more than one person in the decision-making process.

Although the eBook only covers the subject of branding it is an essential part of your overall marketing mix that should include SEO, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing and much more.  All combine to give you the leads and then sales you need to keep your company growing and profitable.

And don't forget our eBook also has some great tips on how the success can be achieved.  For example, the 6 essential tactics for unlocking the value of your B2B Brand that are included :-

  1. Establish your company’s brand identity with the goals of building relationships and preparing prospects to buy

  2. Know—and find—your target audience.

  3. Communicate your company’s key messages and competitive advantage through your brand.

  4. Drive more qualified leads with your brand by combining display advertising with search marketing.

  5. Use your B2B brand to increase email conversions.

  6. Place your brand where your prospects are and incorporate retargeting.

All this and more can be yours.  To get this FREE eBook all you have to do is click the button below and all will be revealed.

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